Why do you want to work for us?


Woman is waiting for a job interviewFrom a point of view of a job seeker, this is a silly question. People do not typically have a special preferences for any company, at least not when it comes to getting a job. We apply for many offers, go to interviews, and try to secure a position in human resources at the end of our journey. It doesn’t really matter in which company it will happen. This is especially true if we speak about entry level HR positions.

However, when you are inquired “why do you want to work for us?”, you should think about a point of view of the interviewers.

They know that there are many working opportunities in HR all around the country, all around the world…. There are literary hundreds of job opening available all time!

But they are looking for someone loyal, for some reasons why you would not leave their company as soon as another good opportunity crosses your path…. You should do your best to convince them that it is not just another job interview for you. Convince them that despite the fact that you apply for several jobs, this one is your first choice.

After all, you can leave the company in one month time, or a little bit later, if you come across a better opportunity. That’s life. People come and go…. But in your interview, they should have a feeling that you would love to stay with them for many years to come.

Research should help you to find some reasons for your preference

Each company has their identity. The working environment, the values and goals, the branding policy, the hierarchy in the HR. Most of these things are described on their corporate website. You should definitely go there and find some things you like about them.

Alternatively, if you apply for a job in a very big company, you can say you chose them for an exceptional reputation, or because you believe it is the best place for one to learn and grow professionally. Let’s have a look at sample answers.

I sent my job application to five companies, and have been invited for an interview in three of them. However, I checked the websites of all companies, as well as feedback on social media, to understand the values, goals and working environment in each institution. Based on my research, I consider your company the best place to work at, as your values resonate with my personal values. So if I get a chance to work here, I will accept the offer.

Your company is one of the leading players in the field of corporate audit. I can not imagine a better place to work and learn. That is the reason why I want to work here and hope to get a chance to prove my skills. Your reputation speaks loud.

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