What are your strengths and weaknesses?


You probably have some experience with answering this particular question. However, it has a special meaning in an interview for HR job. Recruiters do not ask it to learn about your strengths and weaknesses. They are paid for an ability to uncover them on their own…. They use the question to see whether you are able to clearly define strong and weak points in general.

Just think about it: If you can not assess your own abilities, how could you assess the strengths and weaknesses of the others?

How would you say if someone was motivated for the job, or not? You simply need this ability in HR and therefor you should be able to clearly define your own strengths and weaknesses. Honestly, and without hesitation.


She speaks about her strengths and weaknessesSpeak as an HR employee would speak

Instead of just listing down your strengths and weaknesses, elaborate on each one. Say how it relates to the job, and how you can improve on it. Doing so, you think and speak as a good HR employee would think and speak.

However, do not caught yourself in the trap! You should speak mostly about weaknesses that are not very important for the job. Otherwise, it could happen that you accidentally convince the interviewers that you can assess the weaknesses of the others, but at the same time you’d sink yourself, declaring that you aren’t a right fir for the role in HR….

I would suggest you to focus on strengths at the first place. If you speak about weaknesses, it is better to pick those that do not matter much for HR.

Sample answer

Well, I have good understanding for the others and can read people nicely. From my point of view, this is a crucial ability for good HR worker. I was always able to handle problems and conflicts with the others. This also matters for HR, and I thought a lot about it when choosing my career. Based on my experience with leading small teams, I believe to have an ability to motivate the others, and make them feel good and respected in their jobs.

From my weaknesses I would say I am not good with computers. However, I try to improve on it as I understand computers belong to every workplace and one should work with it fast and without delays. I attend evening classes and practice a lot at home, to improve on my computer skills.

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