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Multiple brilliant answers to thirty difficult screening and behavioral interview questions.

– Answers for people with experience, answers for fresh graduates.

– Learn how to make a great impression on your interviewers and get a job in HR.

– One eBook is all you need succeed in your job interview.

– By Matthew Chulaw, Professional Job Interview Coach & Lead author of


Dear Job Seeker,

Let me tell you a little secret of interviewing for a job. To get any position you want to have in HR, you only need to master the following four things:

  • Screening interview questions (such as what motivates you, why should we hire you, why do you want to work for us, why did you leave your last job, etc).
  • Behavioral interview questions (such as describe a situation when you felt pressure in work, describe a conflict you had with your colleague, describe a situation when you struggled to motivate someone, etc).
  • Technical (practical) interview questions (such as can you describe the difference between behavioral interviewing and situational interviewing, do you have any experience with assessment center, here are two resumes of applicants for managerial position, have a look at them and tell us which one would you prioritize for a job, etc).
  • Making a great impression on your interviewers, and winning them over (convincing them that you are the best candidate for the job, and that they should hire you and not someone else).


Wait a moment Matthew! Doesn’t the interview process differ from one company to another?

It does differ – but it is only a question of form. It doesn’t matter if they interview you in a group or alone, over the phone, online, or face to face, one on one or in front of a panel, in an agency, in a company, or informally in a restaurant. And it doesn’t matter whether you need to pass a single interview session, or five of them.

In all those settings and scenarios, you will deal with nothing else than screening, behavioral and technical questions, and a tough task of winning your interviewers over.


You can learn how to ace your HR interview – in just a couple of hours, or in a few days – the choice is yours

I bet you do not have much time to prepare for your interview. You are already browsing this website that specializes on HR interviews, so you are on a good track!

Honestly, if you have enough time, know how to work with information, and can distinguish a high quality source of information from a poor one, you can find online everything you need to master screening, behavioral and technical questions, and the art of winning the hearts of your interviewers. Two or three days of quality research and learning will suffice for that.

But if you do not have the time, or are not sure how to recognize a great interview answer from a poor one, or if you simply prefer someone with ten years of recruiting and interviewing experience to tell you all of that, you may consider purchasing my Interview Success Guide – the eBook I wrote to help people like you to get a job.

In less than two hours, you will learn brilliant answers to thirty most common interview questions, and you will learn how to make a great impression on your interviewers.

Ready to have a look?

Interview Success Guide

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– Published: 2017

– Author: Matthew Chulaw, Professional Job Interview Coach

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See the sample from the eBook below:

19. Describe a situation when you reached a goal and tell us how you achieved it.

Hint: Goals help us to feel motivated. It is easier to prepare a “to-do list”, and to understand the importance of each task on our list, if we have goals that we try to achieve in work.

Interviewers try to understand if you set goals for yourself (each responsible employee has some goals). What is more, your answer to the second part of the question (how you achieved the goal) helps them to understand your methodology of work, and your attitude to work.

You should clearly define the goal you set, how it related to the goals of your employer, and the steps you took to achieve the goal. You can also say what it meant for you, and how did achieving the goal help your employer. Such an answer will present you as someone who cares for their employer, and does not think about their personal gain only.


Sample answers

– I felt I was not working quickly enough in my last factory job. I worked in quality assurance, and I set a goal to increase the number of final checks by twenty percent.  I consulted my colleagues, and I observed their way of working, trying to learn how to perform the check in a more efficient way, while ensuring I still met the quality standards. I applied what I learned, and I also tried to shorten the breaks. Eventually I managed to reach my goal, which was good for me, for the employer, and also for our clients, as we could ship the goods much faster.

– I set a goal to improve the conversion rate on the website of the client. I really liked their product, and believed in the value it brought to the customers. Doing a lot of split testing, changing landing pages, and optimizing advertising campaigns, we actually managed to increase their ROI by 100%. Client was happy, my manager was happy—the client prolonged the contract with us, and I was also happy, with a good job I had done.

– This is my first job application, but I had a big goal this year, and that was to graduate from the University. I focused my energy on the target, and I tried to minimize the number of distractions each day. I eventually graduated with good marks, and I believe that I also learned a lot of practical things in the process, which should help me in my professional career.



20. Describe a situation when you had to motivate someone in work (your colleague, your subordinate, or even your superior).

Hint: Everyone lacks motivation sometimes. Great employees can not only find an inner motivation, but they can also help the others, their colleagues, to find the motivation and to see that it makes sense to work hard and to try their best every day.

The HR managers try to understand your attitude—if you, out of your free will, try to help your colleagues with their motivation. Your answer also helps them to understand if you have some leadership skills, and if you can find some creative ways of motivating people (offering a raise, or an extra compensation, is not creative).

Try to show them that you care, that you try to uplift your colleagues, and that you understand that unless the entire team performs well in work, the results won’t be good.

You should speak about the situation when you helped the colleagues to find the motivation within them, which is always much better than the motivation that comes from outside.


Sample Answers

– I was managing a small team, but I did not choose the team members—the CTO has assigned them. I quickly understood that one man lacked motivation, and that he was holding the entire team back. I talked to him personally, trying to understand the problem, asking a lot of question. Eventually I understood that he was not satisfied with his position in a team, and expected something more. I explained him that he could get promoted, but firstly he had to show that he deserved the promotion, and that he could not achieve his own goals unless he helped us to achieve the goals of the company. I tried to show him the connection, and I did everything in a friendly manner. The talk helped, and he became a valuable member of the team.

– In my previous job of a teacher, I always tried to connect the subject of a lesson with the future. I found practical applications in real life, and I listed the jobs where the students would use the knowledge. I simply tried to help them to see the lesson as something practical. Most times it helped them to find the inner motivation to study, and to pay attention to the lessons.

– This is my first job application, so I have no experience with motivating my colleagues. But I like to play sports, especially football, and I discovered that positive encouragement works for my teammates. I always praise them for a good shot, a good pass, or good defense. It helps them to continue trying, and to stay focused in the match, even if we are behind in the scores. I understand that motivation is crucial for every employee, and I will do my best to help my colleagues feeling respected and useful in their job.

—-end of the sample—-

That were just two questions. A small fraction of a specialized eBook that will show you how to answer the thirty most common interview questions, and how to impress your interviewers.


What the others think

Applying for my first job, I didn’t know what to expect, and how to deal with behavioral questions in an interview. Your eBook helped me tremendously. All I had to do was following your answers, word by word. My peers are still struggling, trying to get their first  job, while I enjoy a nice office, and a job of HR generalist in an international company.

Jared C., Nashville


After reading your eBook I understood that I had done everything wrong in my past interviews. I changed my approach, came up with different answers, and here I am, with a full time Training and Development Manager job contract. Thank you Matthew!

Monica P., Manchester


It was not easy to compete with the young guns, but your eBook convinced me that I still had something to offer to the employer. I managed to demonstrate the value in an interview with Target, and they offered me an HR position in one of their stores.

Lenny C., Toronto


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Interview Success Guide

– Format: eBook, .PDF format (you can read it on your mobile, desktop kindle, and you can easily print it; instant download)

– Pages: 36

– Published: 2017

– Author: Matthew Chulaw, Professional Job Interview Coach

– Average customer rating:

(69 reviews from four different countries)







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People told me I was too young and would not get a position of HR manager in an automotive company. But I did not let them discourage me. I bought your eBook, and followed your suggestions, which helped me to feel relaxed and confident in the interviews. And I got the job! This is a huge step forward in my professional career. Thank you Matthew!

Samuel D., New York


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