Imagine you should choose a new general manager for our company. Outline the basic steps you would take and problems you can face.


Planning a recruitment project at the computerThis question is a real deal. It is used mostly when companies try to hire interviewers or recruiters. They can ask you about any recruiting project, general manager is just an example. The task in the question can be to recruit new cleaners, accountants, simply anyone. But you should always do the same – outline steps you would take to handle the project.

If you manage to come up with a really good answer to this particular question, it can win you a job contract. Oppositely, if you fail to answer this one, it will be time to move on, and say goodbye to a coveted job contract….

Outline the basic steps

In cases like this, you should outline the basic steps of recruitment. Even though each project needs to be considered individually, there are same steps that repeat themselves in each recruitment:

  1. Creating an ideal profile of a candidate – education, experience, personality, skills, hobbies, whatever.
  2. Creating an appealing and attractive job offer, based on the profile of an ideal candidate.
  3. Publishing a job offer, plus using additional resources to create a satisfactory pool of candidates (job boards, internal resources, headhunting, etc.)
  4. Collecting job applications and  choosing specific number of employees to be interviewed, according to predefined criteria.
  5. Creating a list of interview questions and tasks, or said in other words, creating an interview template. Also, creating an attractive presentation of the offer.
  6. Arranging the interviews and interviewing applicants. You can design an interview process consisting of various stages, setting certain elimination (screen-out) criteria for each stage.
  7. Choosing a best possible person for the job, making the first offer and negotiating the details of the contract.  

These are the steps you should outline anytime they ask you to plan a recruitment process. Every single interviewer will be impressed with this simple plan.

Handshake of two business professionalsIdentify the problems and how you would solve it

Second part of the question is about problems one can face when recruiting someone. What I strongly suggest is to not only pinpoint different problems, but also give a clear solution to each problem you identify. To such problems belong:

  • Inability to design a profile of an ideal candidate for the job
  • Lack of quality applicants, from both internal and external sources
  • Salary offer not suitable for the shortlisted persons
  • Interview with a close results when you can not decide
  • Chosen candidates do not accept the offer

Addressing each of these problems exceeds the purpose of this website (which is to offer basic advice and answers to common interview questions in HR). If you need help with it, you should consult an experienced interview coach or recruiter….

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