Imagine you should choose a new general manager for our company. Outline the basic steps you would take and problems you could face.


Planning a recruitment project at the computerShort case studies are typical in smaller companies, or when a business tries to hire someone for a senior HR position, such as HR executive, corporate recruiter, or HR consultant. They can ask about any recruiting project or HR task, the recruitment of a general manager is just an example I chose for you to understand the way of addressing these questions.

They can ask how you would recruit new cleaners, accountants, anyone; or how you would solve a particular problem of motivation or discipline on the workplace, etc. Nevertheless,  you should always do the same – outlining the steps you would take to handle the task.

Outline the basics

You should outline the basic steps of recruitment, so the interviewers can see that you understand how to do your job. Even though we need to address each recruitment individually, some steps repeat themselves in most cases:

  1. Creating an ideal profile of a job candidate – education, experience, personality, skills, hobbies, whatever.
  2. Creating an appealing and attractive job offer, based on the profile of an ideal candidate.
  3. Publishing a job offer, using additional resources to create a decent pool of job candidates (job boards, internal resources, headhunting, etc.)
  4. Collecting job applications, analyzing them, and  choosing a number of people to interview, following a predefined criteria of choice.
  5. Creating a list of interview questions and tasks, or said in other words, creating an interview template, or process. 
  6. Scheduling and conducting the interviews. 
  7. Choosing the best possible person for the job, making the first offe,r and negotiating the details of their contract.  

Handshake of two business professionalsIdentify the problems and how you would solve them

Second part of the question touches the problems we face when trying to recruit new people. You should list the problems and suggest the solution to each one.

  • Struggling to identify a profile of an ideal candidate for the job.
  • Lack of quality applications.
  • Salary offer doesn’t match the expectations of the best candidates.
  • Inability to decide for one of the few shortlisted candidates.

Try to think for a while how you would address each of these issues.

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