How do you motivate the others?


It is not what you can do, but what you are willing to do that matters for the company. HR workers are responsible for creating a system of benefits, and foster a working environment that motivates the people to work hard, and to deliver. Interviewers try to understand your ideas on motivating the people in the company.

But you should not speak about offering them a raise, or a regular promotion. That would be impossible in most companies, and not that good for an employer at the same time. Try to come up with some better ideas, such as team building events, demonstrating the relation of personal and company goals, going by example, having a clear and simple system of rewards and benefits everyone understands, etc.

And you should not forget to stress the importance of motivation in your answer.


Sample answers

Candidate talking about motivation in an interviewI try to be a role model, working hard, not just sittingĀ  in the office all day. I talk to the people in the company, asking them if they are happy in work, and what we can improve for them. I try to foster friendly relationships on the workplace, and help people to understand how meeting the goals we set in the company will benefit them in their life outside of work.

In my experience, team building works great for motivation. One can actually organize a team building event with little expenses, but it can bring amazing results, strengthen relationships and loyalty of the employees. I also like to have a clear system of rewards. All employees should know what they would get if they achieved certain results each month or year. An extra day off, small material reward, or a voucher work great. Nonetheless, the key is to set realistic goals for every employee, goals they can reach.

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