How do you motivate the others?


Motivation of employees is a crucial factor of success for every single business. In some corporations, managers, or special leaders, are responsible for keeping the motivation in the office high in both good and bad times. In smaller companies, however, it is typically a task for an HR department.

If one has a budget in hand, it is easy to motivate the employees, even the hard laborers. But we can not offer a raise every other month to every other guy, can we? On the top of that, US economy is battling the crisis right now. Companies are on budget and profit margins are tighter as ever. Having said that, interviewers try to find out if you have some ideas of motivating the workforce, without a need to pay them more money for the time they spend in job. Creative applicants should be aware of some ways of motivating the others.


Stress the importance of the task

You should emphasize that you understand the importance of motivation on the workplace and describe at least two ways of motivating the employees. You can talk about team building events, creating better relationships on the workplace, a clearly explained system of goals and rewards, and about working as a role model for the others. Let’s haveĀ  a look at some answers to this question.

Sample answers

Candidate talking about motivation in an interviewFirst of all, I try to be a role model. I do not sitĀ  in the office all day long, but I go among people, ask them if they are satisfied in work, and actually listen to their needs and wishes. If it is possible, I try to improve the working conditions every year. If there is a helping hand needed and I have free time, I do not hesitate to do the manual labor for an hour or two. This motivates them to work harder, when they see a white collar taking their job.

Team building events work pretty well in my experience. One can actually organize such an event with very little expenses, and it can bring outstanding results. I also like to have a clear system of goals. All employees should be aware of what they can get if they achieve something in terms of work results. If they reach the goals, they’ll get motivating bonuses, such as extra days off, or some other forms of material rewards. This works pretty well all the time, but it is crucial to communicate it in a right way to the employees, and set the goals in an is attainable way.

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