What do you think we try to find out when asking this question?


People have good feeling from an interviewEach question in an interview has some meaning–or at last it should have one :). In order to show that you are a good applicant for HR position, you need to reverse engineer the interview process. As we described in this post, everything starts with a profile of an ideal candidate. Based on that profile,  questions are chosen and an interview template is composed.

On the top of that, many typical interview questions can have hidden meanings, and most people are not aware of them. For example the question “Why do you want to work for us?” is primarily asked to assess level of motivation of the candidate.

If they are serious,  they probably researched about a company, and they’ll know why they submitted the application for the job. But if they consider it as one of many opportunities and interviews, they will most likely have no idea how to answer the question.

Behavioral questions in an interview

Interviewers use a plethora of behavioral questions, such as “Describe a situation when you had to meet a tight deadline. What was the situation? What steps did you take in order to ensure you’d meet the deadline?”. Interviewers ask this question to predict your behavior in various work related situations, as well as to check your true level of working experience. The following logic is applied:

If you took some action in certain situation in the past, you will most likely take the same action in a similar situation in the future. And obviously, if you are not able to talk about any work-related situation from the past, then you most likely have little or no real experience with doing the job. And it doesn’t matter what’s written on your resume….

Technical questions

Woman deals with a test in her HR job interviewTechnical questions mark the last step of recruitment. Questions such ass “Do you have any experience with assessment center?”, check your technical skills for the position. Once you are able to distinguish these three groups, you should be able to answer the question from the headline to this post….

We are preparing a specialized eBook for human resources job applicants, in which all these things will be clarified, and you will learn the best answer to every interview question. However, until that I recommend you the following eBook, which is pretty good too!